Project 52 : 2020


Week No. 39 : Long Exposure


Researching this prompt, I discovered quickly that I don't currently have access to the subjects to photograph that were suggested such as waterfalls or cityscapes. However, I have dug back through my photo archives to find an image and found this waterfall which is hidden deep in the middle of Pittencrief Park in Dunfermline. The water is rushing so fast it creates the long exposure effect, even if I didn't intend it when I took it!

Long Exposure 3

Week No. 40 : Long Exposure



As I have said before in this series, walking is one of daily habits and one of my favourite things to do. Particularly at this time of year when the leaves are starting to change and create a scattered carpet of colour. They brighten up the dullest of grey days and make me excited for the cosy months ahead.

On a walk 1

Week No. 41 : Negative Space


Negative space as a prompt could be seen as a bad thing as there is less to see in your image. However, I think it is the perfect opportunity to highlight what could be hidden and bring it into the spotlight. These toadstools were buried in a blanket of dead leaves and the bright red shone out, despite their size, and brought life to what could have been a dull scene.

Negative Space 2

Week No. 42 : Abstract



Rain can produce two very different experiences. If you are inside, cosy and warm, it is a relaxing sound and a spectacle to marvel at through tear stained glass. But caught in a sharp shower, you can go from dry to drowned rat in seconds. Either way, it allows you to pause your life and live in the present.

Abstract 1