2nd March

Taken at Royal Liver Building, Pier Head, Liverpool

'Dusk at the Royal Liver Building'  


Last week, English Cabaret launched the Dreams of Peace and Freedom tour in Liverpool. The reason we chose Liverpool was because it was where David Maxwell Fyfe began his political adventure and was MP for West Derby for thirty years.  We performed in the Atrium of the Museum of Liverpool and the International Slavery Museum. As one of the performers on the day said Liverpool is full of different architecture, it would be great for architects to visit as there is such a variety of buildings. It's rather unique as the old and new buildings sit alongside each other very comfortably. There are modern office blocks made of glass alongside ornate stone buildings. The Museums we performed in were two ends of the spectrum as the Museum of Liverpool is a modern building, built in 2011, with a 'Grand Designs' atrium and staircase. And the International Slavery Museum is an old dock building in red brick.  This photo was taken from the dockside carpark.  The clock face of Royal Liver Building particularly stood out to me against the twilight sky. You can also see one of the two Liver Birds that watch over the city and sea on the top of the clock tower. The legend goes that if the Liver Birds mate and fly away the city would cease to exist. Thank you to Liverpool for making us so welcome and I look forward to visiting in the future!

Liverbuilding at Dusk

9th March

Waterloo Sunset 1

Taken on Waterloo Bridge, Central London

'Waterloo Sunset'


Last Saturday was the first proper full day of spring. The sun was warm, heavy winter woollies were shed in favour of lighter more summery ones and all seemed well with the world. I went up to London to see off my favourite show of all time, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, at the Savoy Theatre with my mum and we had a street food lunch overlooking the river from the South Bank. Just watching the rays of the sun on the water and feeling warmth on your back makes you feel more optimistic about the weather around the corner. After the matinee, we walked back to Waterloo station over Waterloo bridge, full of joy from the brilliant show and were struck by this sunset. It was still warm in the air and everyone on the bridge was captivated by the stunning colours. Couples and families took multiple photos of each other in front of the sights highlighted by the sky. On one side of the bridge was a pink haze hovering over the city and the other this beautiful view with brush strokes of reds, yellows and pinks. Although I was sad the show was ending, I felt the weather gave it the proper send-off it deserved in the form of this light show!

16th March

Blossom Path - Spring Snow 1 edit

Taken at the Leg O'Mutton, Barnes, South West London

'Spring Snow'


Within the last couple of weeks, spring seems to have sprung in a rather exciting fashion. Stems of daffodils that were buds have exploded into yellow stars of light. Crocuses carpeted the grass and covered it in purple and yellow. Even if you don't see any signs, you can almost smell the sweet scent of warmer days in the air.The Leg O'Mutton where I took one of my previous Photo of the Week's 'Parliament of Fowls', has changed beyond recognition since January. Bare hawthorn twigs have been clothed in green leaves, birds have flown the nest to make way for others in anticipation of the summer. However what caught my attention on a walk there on Wednesday was this row of blossom trees. On the other side of this set of bushes is a reasonably busy but you would never know at the moment as the white blossom covers everything in sight. Walking past it, you can smell the sweet floral scent and looking closely at the flowers you could see the yellow stamens and velvet petals. It brought back a lot of memories being surrounded blossom as, as a child I spent a lot of happy hours playing with soft toys and making swings for them in blossom trees. This photo is proof that spring has truly sprung! My favourite season is now in full swing.

23rd March

Cloisters in Gloucester 3

Taken at Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucestershire

'Hidden Cloisters'


This week has been a busy week of Dreams of Peace and Freedom pop ups for English Cabaret. We have performed in various places including Barnes and Oxford. However on Saturday, we performed in Dymock where a group of early 20th century poets including Rupert Brooke, met and produced four magazines showcasing their work. As we arrived early to the surrounding area, we popped (ha!) into Gloucester, a cathedral town I have never visited. After brunch at a little restaurant called Lily's just off the cathedral square, we visited the cathedral. I was immediately struck by all the beautiful features inside and the peaceful nature of the building. There was a modern font that reflected both the magnificent stained glass windows and the vaulted ceiling giving a different perspective of the roof. My favourite part was the hidden cloisters which I would have missed if they weren't pointed out to me. Through an exterior door, the cloisters were a square of a set of stone corridors for monks to be able to get fresh air without leaving the confines of the building. On the roof the stone was sculpted into fans and along each side of the square were demonstrative stain glass with the stories of Jesus. In the middle of the cloisters was a garden which was towered over by the tower of the cathedral. Although we couldn't stay long, I was left with a real feeling of peace which stayed with me for long afterwards. I look forward to returning to the cathedral as soon as I can!