Project 52 : 2020


Week No. 22: In the corner


There are so many hidden corners of London to explore that are untouched by tourists. I love these little gems that are only known to those who work in the city or discover them by accident. I took this in Postman's Park which is hotspot for picnic lunches when the weather allows, and surrounded by buildings, it has many corners of its own.

In the corner 1

Week No. 23 : Up Close





Soft fruit at this time of year is at its best. From juicy tart raspberries to sumptuous strawberries, there is so much to eat and enjoy. However, I think they are just as much a feast for the eyes, as gleam and shine like jewels in the late springtime sunshine.

Up close 5

Week No. 24 : Out of the window


Due to the global pandemic that has encompassed our lives since the beginning of the year, many plans have gone out of the window. One event that was due to take place this month was the Brideshead festival at Castle Howard, which was celebrating 70 years in print and on screen of Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited. So I thought I would mark the occasion with this shot which is iconic in the 1981 series as it features in almost every episode and is also view that passengers in cars would get as they left.

Out of the window 3

Week No. 25 : Movement


This was a challenging prompt for me as my photography brain always tells me to take clear, crisp shots! However, there is something exciting about the prospect of getting on the road and seeing what you come across. You never know what you might discover and even if you are travelling the same journey every day, the landscape changes with each season.

Movement 1