Project 52 : 2020


Week No. 31 : Colour Blue


Blue hydrangeas, I am told, are difficult to grow. It takes the right soil conditions to create these azure beauties, which are so delicately coloured, their petals look like they have captured a summer's day in them. There is something rare about plants that are picky as they seem extra special when they grow so beautifully.

Colour Blue 1

Week No. 32 : On Top




One of the most amazing sensations is standing on top of a hill looking down on the world below. It puts everything into perspective to see ordinary objects such as houses, cars and animals turned into the size of ants. I love how the clear air wipes your mind clean and leaves you refreshed to tackle the next adventure.

On Top 8

Week No. 33 : Black n White



Flicking through Pintrest for inspiration for this prompt, I was struck the contrast in the photos and the dramatic effect that creates. I took this photo just before the end of the heatwave. The mist rising in the residual heat hanging in the air made it look like a dry ice effect with natural stage lighting. Turning it black and white just added to the drama.

Black and White 2

Week No. 34 : Patterns




It's amazing that once you tune in to seeing patterns, they turn out to be everywhere. Even the most dull every day of objects create facinating lines and shapes to take photos of. It made me think that man made objects often want to create order from the chaos and we want to see patterns for comfort - not just where we live but also in our lives.

Patterns 4