6th April

Dewy Daffodils

Taken in Slapton, Northamptonshire

'Dewy Daffodils'


During a break in our tour this week, we visited Slapton where I took my first ever photo of the week. I was interested to see how different the landscape would look after a couple of months away and although the temperature wasn't quite as warm as you would like it to be, the fields were verdant with the spring grass and there were flowers in bud ready to explode into bursts of colour. We arrived to a dramatic sunset in the evening, however in the morning we were greeted with the other side of the coin weather-wise with April Showers. Despite the weather, we were determined to have a tour of the garden and these dwarf daffodils were very bright against the grey sky. From a distance they were beautiful, but close to they looked like they had been preserved in dew as with ice or frost. It took me several attempts to get the perfect shot but I was very keen to capture it as I have never seen anything quite like it!  

13th April

Salisbury mist 2

Taken from Old Sarem towards Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire

'Rising Spire'


I have been rather spoilt for choice this week as I have taken so many photos around the country for English Cabaret projects. We have been travelling around England on our own mini cathedral tour, taking in several cathedrals and cathedral towns I have never visited before. The first we visited and my personal favourite was Salisbury. I was amazed by the Cathedral Close and how it felt like walking into the past. The Cathedral spire is the tallest in the United Kingdom and the scale of the Cathedral itself was mind blowing. However this picture was taken before we explored the town, outside Salisbury from a hill called Old Sarem (which is the old name for Salisbury), the site of the original cathedral. On the way into the town, we stopped here and my mum drew my attention to the cathedral spire appearing from the mist. The heat of the sun was just starting to burn off the early morning mist and it was a magical sight, like a city waking from a spell.  

20th April

Bluebell 1

Taken on the Bluebell Railway, Sussex

'Bluebell Magic'


This week, we have been staying in a holiday home directly on the tracks of the Bluebell Railway. The railway is 11 miles long and takes passengers from East Grinstead to Sheffield Park through the hills and valleys of West Sussex. We stayed for a time last year and couldn't wait to come back to this country idyll. In this part of the country, it wouldn't surprise you to meet Mr Darcy on horseback, galloping down a lane or to find the Famous Five picnicking under a tree with bottles of ginger beer in a wicker basket.  It is a very peaceful place with beautiful walks in the rolling countryside, wildlife and horses aplenty and even a vinery producing and selling English wine on our doorstep. What more could you ask for? Walking is an almost compulsory pastime here and on our first day, we discovered a small bluebell wood on the side of a hill. It wasn't completely in bloom but the blue specks were sprinkled across the woodland floor like a carpet. The colour of the delicate bell shaped flowers reminded me of the dress that Cinderella wears in Disney's new adaptation of the film of the same name. You can almost see fairies ringing the bells and the particular iridescent blue is magical. Magic is in the air here and you can feel it!  

27th April

Happy Train 1

Taken on the Bluebell Railway, Sussex

'Happy Train'


On our last day at the holiday home we have been renting on the Bluebell Railway, (see last Photo of the Week), I spent the day playing 'train spotter', going to see and photograph every train that passed our door. There are only about 6 journeys - back and forth - every weekday and many different viewpoints from which to see the train up close. They are all very reminiscent of the Railway Children. It's terribly exciting the feeling of a steam train approaching. You feel anticipation as you hear it in the distance, the 'chuff, chuff, chuff', then wisps of white steam on the horizon and finally the green engine puffing into view with a selection of carriages. On one occasion, I waited for it to appear and was so excited when the steam swallowed me up momentarily, the driver waved and blew the whistle and I found myself mimicking the sound of the whistle back! I could smell the fire burning inside the engine and as the smoke cleared, watched it puff away into the distance. The whole multi-sensual experience of steam travel is uplifting, from the approaching steam and whistles to the smiling coal-faced drivers. I recommend it to anyone to lift your spirits!